Sell my own home

Sell my own home also known as FSBO (For sale by owner) is currently trending as a favourable option over selling property though a real estate agent. So the first thing to consider  is it worth buying and is it practical according to your current situation?

One of the main reasons why sellers choose this avenue is to save on selling costs:

You will also notice that there are a range of free use calculators on our website to help you out with home loan information.

Example 1

Suppose you sold your house through a real estate agent charging a 2.4% commission and the property sold for $600 000:

$ 600,000.00 (property sale price)

$ 14,400 (2.4 % commission)

Essentially, you would be saving $14,400 that would normally be passed on to the agent.

Example 2

Now, suppose your property sold for $400 000:

$ 400,000.00 (property sale price)

$ 9,600 (2.4 % commission)

In example 2, we demonstrate potential savings arising from an small-medium apartment.

Now that you have made a decision as to how worthwhile purchasing you can read up on how to sell your own home online

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