Real estate property buying guide

As a buyer, you want to make sure you are receiving accurate information to ensure you are legitimately receiving what is on offer. There are several key elements a buyer should be weary of when dealing with real estate agents.

-Specifications: To avoid any misconceptions evoked by a real estate agent, confirm all details of a listing prior to moving forward. Visit the property if possible and compare against the listing. It is very common for agents to mention all the positives and cover for all the negatives. Get a clear indication that the real estate agent has disclosed the property in a fair manner. It could also be an accidental mistake in the listing.

-Real estate agents usually give you an impression that there is a queue of buyers and that you will miss out unless you give the high price right now. This could very well be true, but don’t let them push you over your budget which is likely to cause complications further down the track. It could also inflict an irrational decision of offering above market value which may expose you to an excess amount that the bank will refuse to fund if taking a loan.

-Discretion: If the real estate agent is weary that you and your partner are devoted to the property for sale, they may attempt to push for a higher price more closely aligned to the asking price. Try to keep your budget and emotions discreet from the real estate agent so they don’t try to take advantage of the situation.


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