How to sell your house without an agent

You might be one of the many who are considering saving a potential 2.5% commission that a typical real estate agent would be charging on the sale of a property. The good news is there are many online facilities now available to make this happen far easier than you might think.

The steps to selling your own home without a real estate agent

To get the legalities out of the way, you will need to put together a contract for sale to sell off your property. Speak to a solicitor or conveyancer to assist you with this. You might think its better to wait and see the level of interest that is received prior to putting together a contract, but you will most likely loose the sale if you leave it till last. You may also want to get an evaluation to give you a better indicator of how much your property is actually worth (This will help when negotiating with a buyer).

Also, ensure that any offers made buy buyers can provide a deposit slip cheque as well as a mortgage pre-approval from a reputable lender.

The bank the buyer is going through will most require a bank appraisal which is an inspection facilitated by the bank to ensure the property they are investing in is valuable but also worth the requested loan amount. If the bank lowers the value of the home, the buyer may have to step out of the deal if they are in a position where they have to come up with a substantial difference. Ultimately, this is a lost sale for you.

There are many ways to increase your increase your home valuation by simple renovations, landscaping and other cosmetic adjustments. There are plenty of online websites that give you great tips for increasing your property’s value.

Clean and prepare your home, it doesn’t take much to turn off a potential buyer from a filthy house that hasn’t been cared for. Since a buyers interest is hard to predict, make sure its available to inspect at any time.

If your house isn’t well marketed, then no ones going to see it. Make sure you get it up on several classifieds websites. Some are free and allow private sales of one owns home. Search for online real estate classifieds websites and choose what you believe will best market your property.

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