Home Loan APR Calculator

With so many interest rates available each with various fees, it can be very hard to determine which interest rate is truly the lowest. This is where a Home Loan APR calculator comes in very handy.

For example:

A 4% interest rate loan along with high fees can end up having a higher comparison rate as opposed to a 5% interest rate loan with substantially lower fees. Using an Annual rate calculator, you can standardise different loans to effectively compare their rates taking into account their fees.

Insert the loan amount, interest amount, term and all fees below to find the APR (Annual Percentage Rate) of a home loan.


Home Loan APR Calculator

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The Home loan APR Calculator (Annual Percentage Rate) Results

The constant ratio, direct ratio and the N-ratio are all different methods used to calculating the home loan’s APR. The N-ratio is a more comprehensive model and is generally the preferred figure.



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