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About Us is an Australian online real estate classifieds business that enables anyone to sell their own home online. We do not charge for normal listings because we simply don’t believe other classifieds should be charging $300-$500+ per listing, especially if your just trying to sell your own property.

Registration is instant, meaning you can list your property right away and were happy to support you with any inquiry along the way. Whether you want to sell a simple little cottage or a great mansion, we welcome your listings here at Great Estate.

For your financial protection we recommend that you seek a professional conveyancer/solicitor prior to any transactions being made for both sellers and buyers.

Other tips

  • Title Insurance- For added protection, you may want to consider taking out title insurance before closing a deal to protect you financially against unknown property defects, liens or issues.
  • Dealing: Know how to deal with a real estate agent if you decide on doing so. Refer to our other articles below
  • Pre-approval- When buying, know where you stand before making an offer and get a better indication of what the bank will actually lend you. This does not mean they will guarantee the loan, however, it will give you a clearer indication of your true borrowing power.


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